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Before you begin

Any IT tool supports a set of tasks or business processes. Our tool is specifically designed to help you manage your stakeholders, communicate with them, and store important information for them. When deploying this tool, you should have a think about what kind of content you are communicating, to whom and how often. This will drive your content management and planning. You should then think about how to integrate the tool into your current business processes - how do you get your staff to start using the platform instead of email or your current document management solution? How do you make sure the use of the platform makes you shine, and impresses the boss?

If you need help with this, we have experience helping over 100 of the world’s leading families and family offices craft comprehensive strategies that cover things like:


IT Communcations Strategy

  • Your as-is business processes - how do you currently communicate?

  • Your to-be model - where do you want to go?

  • Your options - what are the best tools to get there most effectively?

  • How does Trusted Family fit your requirements and how do you make best use of it?


Family Goverance Best Practice

  • How do other families communicate?

  • What kinds of initiatives do other families have in their governance toolbox?

  • What kinds of things engage the next generation?

  • How can we craft a communication plan that engages the next generation without alienating the current generation?

  • How can we use the platform to run our governance and education initiatives?

  • Come to think of it, how do we run an education initiative?


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Now, let’s get started on setting up your platform!