New Year Campaign Ideas

Do you have a New Year Campaign ready for your members?
Here are four content ideas to engage them through the Trusted Family platform:

Idea 1: 2019 in Review

 What did we achieve as a business family in 2019? 

Idea 2: 2020 Goals & Priorities

    • What do you have in store for 2020?
    • What are the company's new year resolutions?
Tips: You can create great facts and figures infographics using free templates on Canva.


Idea 3: Picture contest

Where will you be on new year’s eve?
Invite your members to share a picture in the newsfeed 

Idea 4: Best moment of 2019 thread

Create a story and invite your members to comment about their best experience in 2019: Was it a trip abroad? A professional achievement? The family getting bigger? Let your members tell their story!

Tips: We created an image you can post as a story to start the thread! You will find it right below.