Respond to an event invitation

Upon opening the events app on the platform, you will get an overview of the upcoming events and have the possibility to click on the event for more information, RSVP to the event, synchronize the family calendar with your own and see the birthdays of other family members. 

Administrators have the ability to invite you to events. They will create an event on the platform and have the option to send you an invitation through to your inbox. It's handy for them to know wether you will be attending, so we made it easy for you to do so. ​

  1. Go to the 'Events' page on the platform, via the menu on the left hand side
  2. Look up the event you are interested in going to or declining for in the list
  3. You will see three buttons 'Yes', 'Maybe' and 'No'. If you need some more information to decide if you're going to attend, click on the name of the event and you'll be brought to the events page where you can see all the available information
  4. Click on one of the RSVP options to let the organizer of the event know if you're coming