Checklist to make your platform admin role easier

When you are organized, managing a Trusted Family platform doesn’t take that much time!

We recommend to set some time apart in your calendar on a regular basis.

Checklist to make your role easier:

  • Weekly (30 min/week)
    • What new content should be shared this week?
  • Monthly (1 hour beginning of month)
    • Review stats of the last month 
    • What content was shared?
    • Did users enjoy it?
    • What content is planned for next month?
    • Has it been created?
    • Who will post it? Is it clear who is responsible?
    • Which events & meetings are coming up next month?
  • Yearly (2 to 4 hours)
    • Did we reach the goals we set for last year?
    • What are the goals for the next year? 
    • User checkup
    • Are the users in the correct groups?
    • Should certain users be removed from the platform?
    • Do certain users have trouble connecting?
    • Did certain people changed email address?
    • Organisation checkup
    • Is the structure of the platform still clear?
    • Should certain files/sections be archived?
    • Annual Database update
    • Send campaign to all users to ask them to check if their profiles are still up to date