Custom design

First things first - how do you make the platform an attractive place for your members to come to? If you opted for it when signing up, the platform can be given a custom design that reflects your values and identity. To do this, please start by giving us your logo and color preferences!

Supply us with the following five things: 

  • A background color for the sign-in page
  • A platform header color
  • A link color (ex: name of the member who posted a photo in the newsfeed)
  • A primary color that will be shown in:
    • buttons
    • widgets headers when marked as important
    • calendar icons
    • mobile version header
  • Your vector logo: vector graphics use mathematics allowing them to be scaled large or small without losing quality. There are several vector graphic file formats, but the ones most commonly used for logo design are: 
    • .ai 
    • .pdf (vector)
    • .svg 
    • .eps 

Note: To ensure that the colors are exactly the ones you have chosen, we recommend providing us the color code in HEXA format (ex: #00A8E1) which is more suitable for the web.

To ensure optimal readability on any type of screen, some of these colors are subject to a contrast test. It is the case for the link and primary color. Also, so the navigation on the platform stays easy and intuitive, links cannot be grey. 

Also, so that the navigation is always clear and easy, some buttons have a predefined color that is mandatory. This is the case for the "participate" button on an event for example.

Note: If you do not have a logo or brand colors yet, our team will gladly design some options for you.