Onboard your members to the platform

Plan the launch

  1. Understand what you want to achieve & define objectives for the site
  2. Understand what you want to share and with who
  3. Identify clear roles & responsibilities for team members
  4. Structure the site to meet the platforms objectives
  5. Train for admin role
  6. Create user accounts and assign access rights
  7. Build the family tree and customize member profiles
  8. Prepare logistics of launch event and announcement to all stakeholders


    1. Demo the platform to the family and shareholders during a physical event (if possible)
    2. Invite everyone to join the site
    3. Provide training to end-users based on objectives set previously
    4. Present the platform to other stakeholders (board members, advisors...)
Tip: To facilitate your members onboarding we recommend the article "Getting started for new members". You can also download, customize and share our Welcome Guide (scroll down to the bottom of this page to get the download link). All the text that needs to be replaced by your information is highlighted in yellow.


Build the momentum

  1. Make sure everyone registers and understands how the platform works
  2. Make sure everyone downloads the app on their phones & tablets
  3. Engage with users who contribute by sharing comments and answering to questions
  4. Send notifications (monthly newsletter, events, push notification, comments..)
  5. Make sure project team executes on content plan and that there is regular content published
  6. Gather initial feedback from users

Monitor, improve, iterate

  1. Review statistics and adoption rate
  2. Review objectives an align content plan on these objectives
  3. Communicate on new feature releases and updates made
  4. Suggest content ideas
  5. Brainstorm on new content ideas and platform improvements
  6. End-user feedback and report to stakeholders