Upload content

  1. Post directly at the desired location
    Go to the preferred app and possibly folder. Click 'Add' > 'Upload files' and set the right permission. Then, 'Confirm'. The file will now be in the right place and shared on the newsfeed of all members with access. 

  2.  Post into the newsfeed 
    Go to the homepage and at the top of the page, select the topic or type of your content. Alternatively to files, you can also just upload a text-only 'status update'. ​

    • Drag and drop the file of your choice
    • Optionally select a folder the file has to go into
    • Select the groups that have access
    • Click 'publish'

Important: Every piece of content uploaded to the platform is scanned for virus. If our security system finds the file is at risk it will automatically unable download of this file to prevent spreading.