Customize member profiles

Your platform's profiles have a default setup. The way this information is organized can be customized to a certain extent by adding or removing profile sections and fields. 



If the certain fields are left empty, they will not display on a member's profile outside of editing mode. Once they are filled out and saved, they will be visible on a member's profile. 

If you'd like to add additional sections or fields to your platform's member profiles, we can help you customize them. 

For each field, you can choose:

1. Field type:

      • One-line text 
      • Multiple-line text
      • Rich text
      • URL link
      • Multiple Choice (with choices provided) 
      • Single Choice (with choices provided) 
      • A file to upload/download
2. Access rights or permissions: 
      • Visualisation rights 
      • Editing rights

Some examples of access rights:

  • (1) viewing & editing: by User, by Admin
  • (2) viewing & editing: by User, viewing: by Admin 
  • (3) viewing & editing: by Admin, viewing: by User 

If you're interested in custom fields, get in touch with your Client Success Manager who will guide you through the process.