Understanding content statistics

Metrics are a great way of improving your content's quality

As a content creator or group admin, you can easily check the activity generated by your post, document, event, etc. Click on the little graph icon at the bottom of your content. 
Let's take the example below to explain the different metrics.

Untitled design (6)

The left column "#" shows the total number of times the action occurred.
The right column "👤" shows how many different users made those actions.

- Impressions: when a member sees the content in the newsfeed

- Total engagements: sum of the views, comments and likes

if you notified members about a content

- Views: when a member clicks on the content to view it

- Comments: when a member comments on the content 

- Likes: when a member clicked on "like"

- Mail Opens: when a member opened the notification email

- Mail clicks: when a member clicked on the link inside the notification email

- Mail deliveries: when a member received a notification email

In this example:

- 191 different members have seen the post on their newsfeed 390 times

- 159 different members clicked on the content 229 times

- 10 different members wrote one comment each

Note: the metrics might differ when you open the content first and then check the metrics. For example: members can comment the post, or open the content first and comment on the content directly.